Benson Monarch Head


  • Benson Monarch Head
  • Benson Monarch Head
  • Benson Monarch Head

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The Monarch was designed to fulfill the needs of players who:

  • Enjoy a Tweed Deluxe but find it could be lacking in punch and versatility
  • Enjoy a Top Boost AC15 or 30 but find the upper frequencies a little quacky and grating
  • Enjoy a Supro Thunderbolt but want more clarity and better harmonics
  • Think some boutique amps they have tried are too bright and/or lacking a certain something…what is it called…tone that satisfies.



  • 2 x JJ 6V6 power tubes, 2 x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes, customizable rectifier
  • 13-18 watts (depending on rectifier)
  • Speaker outputs: 1 x 8 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm 


Head 34.29 cm W 20.32 cm H 21cm D 7.25kg


  • Point to point construction on terminal strips - no circuit, eyelet or turret board
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Carbon Comp resistors
  • Jupiter capacitors
  • DC filments for low noise
  • Dovetailed pine speaker cabinets
  • Baltic birch head cabinets

Customizations (selectable on order form)


  • 5Y3 13 watts with sag…very compressed and squishy sounding
  • 5AR4 16 watts with a little sag…a good compromise 


  • Celestion G12H Well-balanced…a great choice for most Monarchs
  • Weber 12A125A Darker, less efficient AlNiCo for a tweed sound

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