Catalinbread EPOCH BOOST

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Based of the preamp circuit for the old tape echo unit called Echoplex EP-3. Some of rock n rolls greatest guitar tones was achieved with the use of the Echoplex EP-3.

At Catalinbread they refer to the Epoch Boost as a "mastering pedal," because it sounds like your base tone, but sculpted to perfection by a mastering engineer. This is accomplished by employing the same internal circuitry as a real EP-3, from the NOS Orange Drop capacitors to the output mixer stage that acts as a rudimentary frequency selector.

The internal voltage is kicked up to 22 volts just like the original unit, giving you unparalleled headroom and clarity. Inside is a switchable hi-Z input buffer if you would like to use the Epoch Boost as your only pedal. The Boost control gives you just the EP-3 tone when rolled off, but adds up to 20dB of crystal clear boost as you crank it.

Comes with a 3 year warranty


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