Two-Rock Custom Reverb V3 amplifier

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  • Two-Rock Custom Reverb V3 amplifier
  • Two-Rock Custom Reverb V3 amplifier

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The Custom Reverb V3 amplifier head in great condition. It’s based on the same platform as the previous versions, but with some new additional features to increase the amp’s flexibility. They  added an active loop with a “Return Level” and “Pull Bright” function which allows you to have a strong signal when the effects loop is engage but also when nothing is plugged into the loop the level control now acts like a master attenuator allowing you to bring the volume of the amp down to even bedroom levels which still running the front end of the amp to the sweet spot.

Also, you’ll enjoy the dual contours and The “Pull Mid Defeat” will allow you to scoop the mids, giving the amp a more “fender” style front end.

- 50 Watts Class AB / Switchable half power mode which runs in Class A

-2 x  6L6 Power Tubes 

- Solid State Rectifier

- Active Effects Loop

- Spring Reverb with send & return levels

- Bypass tone stack

- 2 channels the first Chanel feeding into the second channel giving you that famous cascading gain and smooth drive

- includes foot- switch


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